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Pen and Pencil Drawing of ShockWave

2012-02-24 19:40:36 by flashed-haze

Hi guys, its been awhile since Ive been on NewGrounds, I haven't been animating much lately because I have been trying Pen artwork of Random characters. Hopefully sometime this week I will be getting back up on my feet and back animating.

Here is a preview of the Drawing of Shockwave, After 7 hrs of working on and off at school, I managed to finish the first half of his body. If you dont already know, I used this Pic for reference. Reference , sadly the photo i had for reference wasn't the best i could get. Im sure its not as good as the other ones Ive seen, but I think its pretty good for my first attempt. Alot of my friends think it was well done, What do you think?

Pen and Pencil Drawing of ShockWave

For the past two days ive been working on a prodject, a little cinematic prodject, which seems to be going very well. So far i have 31 seconds and intended to be at least a minute.

So i decided to post a little preview.
FireFight Preveiw

Its hosted at TheAnimPlanet for certian reasons I don't really feel like explaining.
The expected release date is sometime late June.